“The way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your home are two different things."

- Barbara Schwartz

Home Staging Before Selling Your Home

How We Help

We can assist you in staging your home for maximum wow factor when potential buyers are viewing your home. Often we are so accustomed to the way our home “feels" to us, it"s difficult to imagine how we need to change things to appeal to the widest group of potential buyers. Denver Professional Organizer has worked for years with realtors and sellers to ready homes for sale. We know what potential buyers are looking for and we will work with you to get your home into show condition before it goes on the market. Often just a few changes can make a huge impact on the way your home shows, and the value potential buyers will see.

Aspects of Home Staging

  • Assist in “clearing" closets, drawers and cupboards. Having a place for everything increases the perceived available storage.
  • Manage contractors to make minor repairs, touch up or repaint walls and ceilings, remove wallpaper.
  • Assist you in moving your existing furniture and accessories to maximize visual appeal.
  • Remove and rehang artwork for maximum visual appeal.
  • Manage cleaning crew and work with them to insure a pristine space that will appeal to even the most particular buyers.
  • Arrange for storage of pieces that don't fit into the new plan, but you're not ready to part with, or will need in your new residence.
  • Any or all of the items noted in Home Organization.